Made it through week two of teaching Reggio Emilia Preschool, fashion design and art - the fullest schedule I’ve ever had and I’m going home to loud streets, and an unfamiliar home. Not bad but a lot to transition into. Spent just half an hour on the beach last night and the sound of the waves and fresh breeze brought the relaxation and rejuvenation I needed.

The weeks are full of both precious moments and challenges. One student greets me in the morning with “hello teacherrr” with all the enthusiasm and effort he can muster! Another loves hiding and searching for our baby shark, another couple are not quite ready to stay in the room for lengths of time but love music, trucks and sand… the adventure continues! Can’t wait until we all settle in a little more but there’s still plenty of magic happening.

The class has it’s own eco system with TAs who provide a cultural and language connection and bridge to the families and children which is so important and I’ve only just realized how valuable it is. I know once I settle in a bit more my heart will be full and at ease both at school and on the beach ! I’ve also realized how great a bowl of phỏ can be! There’s also café sữa dà ( condensed milk coffee) to get through the longer, harder days! Still grateful to be here and gearing up for another week of settling in

The beach, tired eyes and a favourite hangout

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