A curveball has been delivered with the coronavirus motivating Vietnam to close schools to avoid as a precautionary measure for public health. Though it seems Vietnam has been very positively proactive it does leave students, teachers and parents in the unknown. We are lucky to be healthy and safe but the future is uncertain. I’ve decided to start offering art classes after almost 6 weeks off. One person commented on my class advertisement that I should be aware I could be fined for making money off the coronavirus. I think it’s so important in these times to keep perspective and the awareness that we’re all neighbors and trying to navigate the same uncertainty. I’m incredibly lucky to have resources to get through this time and a chance to offer my skills and passions regardless of closures. I hope we continue to be kind and keep fear reigned in through this curveball. In the meantime I must admit I’ve been enjoying a lot of relaxation and have been taking in the beauty of Hoi An and Danang.

Poolside photos by Zaida Gaimet

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