AThis week the children were so excited about water so we gave them an opportunity to paint with water outside. They were so engaged and calm! The water painting could also be a lesson in impermanence - like mindfulness meditation for young children! A reminder that it’s always not the elaborate lesson plans that speak to children but typically things that relate to the senses and their natural desire to create.

Yesterday as I was sitting in a cafe I heard a song that pulled me right in. Not a song for those with sophisticated taste in music but the lyrics were, “glass half empty, glass half full well either way you won’t be going thirsty count your blessings not your faults.” I think in beginnings it’s easy to focus on what could be going better, smoother, easier, mistakes that would’ve been nice to avoid or erase etc… but those lyrics reminded me that all of those things complicate the simplicity and ease of accepting life as it is - and there’s lots of room for joy along the way, even when there’s turbulence

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