On the move again

I’ve been living in a shared house (very charming with wonderful people from South Africa, the U.K. And U.S) and now we’re all parting ways to start our lives here after completing a month of teacher training and certification.

Some are off to travel and others are going straight to work or job searching. I’ll be at the art school (Vin Space in District 2) and onto adventures in art, design, teaching and exploring life here. We were all very lucky to have experienced our first month here together and I have a feeling we’ll be life long friends.

It’s bittersweet to leave such a great group however we’re all ready for a break from the 24 hour noise here in the Gò Vấp district of Ho Chi Minh City. The Traffic here is still loud at 4 am with additional sounds from roosters, dogs, karaoke etc. and crossing the street is a daily adrenaline boosting adventure. That being said, Gò Vấp has been a beautiful introduction to Vietnam and we’ve been warmly welcomed and part of daily life here since we arrived. So many warm smiles, beautiful buildings and delicious meals…

Heading to a green street beside the river in a quiet part of district 2 close to the city but removed enough to be able to relax and settle in. I’m ready

Sending love and a hug from Vietnam.

Little mood board with inspiration from photographer Marta Bevacqua // Monrowe Magazine + a postcard from a dear housemate

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