Arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday. Already loving the slow and predictable traffic, fresh air and calm vibe here. There’s also so much cultural and religious diversity. I originally looked at Malaysia before choosing Vietnam and found myself researching the job market again a few hours after arriving - feels good to be here and it’s nice to have a refuge from the hectic pace of Ho Chi Minh City so close by.

The holiday came at a perfect time as I was just beginning to feel overwhelmed in the big city with all of the work transitions, changing air quality and the seemingly spastic traffic and weather. In short, it was time for a break.

Pictured below: a cafe entrance next to an art store where I bought a set of watercolours ( beautiful ) for 25 cents a tube. Some friends arrive today from Vietnam so I spent last night painting at the guesthouse’s rooftop bar, nice way to start a holiday

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