Busy, busy times leading up to the holidays with a high school fashion show , kindergarten performance and getting a new moped!

Unexpectedly a little weary leading up to the holidays but all is well and I’ve had an exciting invite to go to Sapa to volunteer at a new school! Sapa is known for its beautiful craft and textile culture and I’m looking forward to taking it all in.

The rainy season has been super intense and my apartment flooded a little but the worst was elsewhere with boats on the streets! The grey, cooler days are reminding me of Vancouver which is potentially why it’s feeling a little less exotic and fun to be away for Christmas this time around. That being said there will be beauty to experience and enjoy here and everyone’s a Skype or FaceTime call away.

Speaking of rain, google maps lead me through a long stretch of gnarly pot holes today and I had a little fall - some tenderness involved but all went as well as it could’ve and there’s only a scratch or two remaining.

Some photos from recent days and weeks

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