Decided the main goal in Ubud was trekking and set off in grey skies , seeking shelter under trees and in a cafe once the rain began . A wise person would potentially turn back but I was on a mission and made it to the top of the jungle trek just as the skies turned an ominous dark grey .. downpour followed. Determined to make it back to the center on foot I continued eventually surrendering and finding shelter under a mini mart shelter - the only building in sight. Luckily a nice person called a taxi for me and the driver laughed at how far I’d walked and at how soaked I was ( in a friendly way ) we laughed together ! Good planning ? No ! Worth it ? 100% .. very tired today though ! Sometimes we don’t discover the beautiful areas if everything is booked or transported by taxi

As an aside many taxis stopped asking if I wanted a ride confused as to why someone would trek in those conditions and a police car slowed down ( I was worried I was doing something wrong but they just laughed when they discovered I wasn’t lost but happily wandering )

These days one can find a perfect travel itinerary on Pinterest or online blogs but I find half the fun and adventure is in making mistakes and finding my way. Something endearing about the awkwardness of poor planing if you can roll with the setbacks

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