En route to Vietnam! Currently in Taipei, Taiwan waiting for the final flight. Things happen fast - just yesterday I was on the Sunshine Coast then over to Vancouver to do some final packing then off for the adventure. Slept the flight away and ready! 

North Vancouver send off with adorable nieces Audrey, Ashlyn,  Hilary ( poking her head out from under the table !) and nephew Kesler.  This get together was so charming with Vietnam themed games, cake and music. 

Above is halfmoon bay on the coast where we enjoyed the late light ( sun will set early in Saigon ) and ocean kayaking. I shed tears on the way over not knowing if I could fit in the trip and be ready on time but glad I went and everything got done with a lot of help from my mom!

And finally the airport photos of YVR and Taipei — a beautiful sunny morning 

I’m extremely found of snail mail - especially sending it but apparently it’s very difficult from Vietnam so this blog will be my little postcard update with love from Saigon and wherever is next  ?

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