Feeling more grounded here after a very long sleep. Feels like I’ve been here for years and days at the same time. In a subtle way I feel very at home even when overwhelmed. Sometimes I forget I’m on the other side of the world. I think it’s the warmth of the people that creates that sense of home!

Taught my first class at Vin Space Art Studio and loved the studio and resources. I was also very happy to find an exquisite fabric store and lots of inspiration.

Settling in will take some time but it’s a beautiful process. One thing about travelling and living abroad is things always go wrong and I’m grateful to have remembered that here and to have taken it lightly ( little things like being extremely late, loosing an ATM card, getting lost many times, changing apartments, etc!) nothing life threatening

some images of daily life, art and inspiration.

VinSpace studio

Found some design inspiration after visiting the fabric store. Looking forward to exploring more fabric stores and markets

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