inspired to start the new year with a new collection and feeling revived and focused after the holidays! Seeing the countryside and a smaller town in Vietnam really opened my heart and the rice paddies really are as majestic as they seem in photos. There’s something very serene about the landscape and farmers. Here in Hoi An I have seen more effects of the war and am amazed by the perseverance and grace of those living with physical deformities, and every kind of scar. A man just asked me to help him with zipper on his vest pocket and afterwards it all felt very real what people went through and still go through daily. I’ve gotten more of a sense of the Buddhist traditions and beliefs here and what is lucky, how business works and what tends to create connection and trust between cultures. I love how people are so industrious here and there’s a sense that people can get by selling simple goods and it has inspired me to help more and give more freely. Wishing you a happy New Year full of everything you love

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