Had the chance to design a classroom from scratch as I’m at a school that’s just opening ( on Monday! ) We have a Reggio Emilia specialist at the school and she’s brought in beautiful resources and ideas! I feel like I’ve taken in more information and ideas than I can currently process but know I’ll learn and grow a lot! As much as there’s lots to learn I feel that Reggio is a natural fit for me and once I meet the students I will follow their lead and learn alongside them.

There’s so many magical elements in the classroom like strands of bells, a tulle shrouded reading corner, inviting supplies and lots of space to make art! Reggio emphasizes learning through light and light is something I’ve really cherished in recent years! It’s the reason I pile light filters onto my photos!

The other teachers are lovely and the other kindergarten teacher and I had the opportunities to name our classes. With the help of a TA we came up with ‘Sunny Dream’ and ‘Starry Night’ I can’t wait to see what the children add to the environment!

Regarding lemongrass - it’s the scent in my apartment and the only thing that feels real about being back in Vietnam so far. It’s been such a whirlwind of crashing early, waking up between one and five am then working! I still haven’t been to the beach or out exploring! For the moment drops of lemongrass in the air are reminding me where I am.

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