Images via Matthew Burditt and Simi Fromen

Whirlwind week where a full time job teaching Montessori preschool emerged. The school is quite magical and there will be plenty of opportunities to bring in art, nature, creativity and beauty ( and there’s already lots there. )

One of the most amazing things about being at the school was seeing a painting of ‘The Secret Garden’ on a raw piece of wood. It’s my favourite book and felt like a nod that the job was a good fit.

The program reminds me of one of my favourite lines in the book, “May I have a bit of earth” as I feel that’s what the children are given: enough foundation and guidance to build on their natural sense of wonder and desire to explore. It’s a privilege to be a part of those early years and see the world from the perspective of fresh eyes and open hearts. It’s also a beautiful thing to be able to settle into a routine and to take the weekends to do my own creating and exploring here. The transition of letting go of the schedule I had established isn’t easy but all is well

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